[Guest Post] OER Reflections by Brady Lloyd


On Tuesday I arrived at the conference as a student and a mere undergraduate, writing this reflection on Friday in my dimly lit student den has left me with the feeling of being integrated into a progressive, diverse and inclusive community. Completing my 2nd ever presentation in front of a room full of PhD level educators and lecturers couldn’t have sounded more daunting at first, yet I felt like my small part really did serve purpose to the people and to the cause. Hearing such a vast and varied amount research being delivered in a way which was so personal yet so relatable in many way was truly remarkable, especially when you consider the cultural differentiations and the educational perspectives everyone brought. I return to the last few months of student life having my mind and heart opened further to the possibilities within life, this conference has reminded me deeply that finishing my undergraduate education really is just the very start.

Brady Lloyd

OER19 Scholarship participant